Tribal Guides and Reports

Guides and Reports

  • University of Oregon Tribal Climate Change Guide - 2015- This climate change guide is a part of the Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Project and includes climate programs run by tribes, government agencies, and non-government agencies. 

  • Southwest Tribal Climate Change Assessment Final Report - 2017-This assessment helps inform state and federal agencies as well as researchers on how they can better support climate adaptation planning of Native Nations. The report highlights recent climate-related activities undertaken by Native Nations, needs for science-based support, and potential areas for partnership.
  • Tribal Climate Profiles - As part of the Native Nations Climate Adaptation Program (funding ended in 2017), researchers developed several climate profiles for tribes, outlining historical climate and future climate projections, as well as climate impacts, for each tribe. The profiles were meant to provide tribes with the information needed to begin developing a climate adaptation plan for their community. Linked are two climate profiles, for the Gila River Indian Community(GRIC) and the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation(FMYN). Similar work continued through CLIMAS, but that funding has also ended, for the time being.
  • United Nations Traditional Knowledge Guidebook - 2005-2017- This guidebook provides resources for Indigenous peoples around the world. 

  • National Climate Assessment Tribal Chapter - 2018- The NCA4 examines the science used to assess climate change, its variability, and its impacts across the United States throughout the last Century. Chapter 15 specifically focuses on climate change as it relates to American Indian tribes and Alaskan Natives.
  • Tribal Climate Adaptation Guidebook - Nov, 2018- This guidebook is a collection of existing resources for tribes to use when developing relevant climate adaptation plans. This framework is suitable for tribes at every stage of climate adaptation planning.  

  • Status of Tribal Air Report - May, 2019- The National Tribal Air Association (NTAA) advocates for the air quality management and policy needs for American Indian tribes and Alaskan Natives. Each year the NTAA publishes the Status of Tribal Air Report which highlights the successes and struggles tribes face when protecting air quality on and off tribal lands. 
  • Tribal Climate Change Assessments and Adaptation Plans - 2008-2019- Northern Arizona University has put together a list of climate change adaptation plans from American Indian tribes and Alaskan Natives.

  • State of Tribes & Climate Change Report - 2021 - Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP)has compiled this report to uplift and honor the voices of Indigenous peoples across the U.S. to increase understanding of Tribal lifeways, cultures and worldviews, the climate change impacts Tribes are experiencing, the solutions they are implementing, and ways that all of us can support Tribes in adapting to our changing world.