The Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center Logo

The Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center Logo

The SW CASC logo was redesigned in 2022 to highlight the rich and varied landscapes of the Southwest.

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The yellow sand, pink sunset, and green saguaros are a nod to the deserts of the Southwest and the iconic biodiversity that is unique to the region. 

The Colorado River runs through the center of the logo. The river is a major symbol of the Southwest, draining a watershed of seven states and two countries. 

Two sequoia trees are featured on the left side of the logo. These trees are symbolic of California and the important role the state plays in the SW CASC’s mission and research. 

The featured mountain range highlights the varied elevations of the Southwest and the importance of snowpack to the region’s water supply.

Use of the SWCASC Logo

Please contact Sarah LeRoy ( with any questions about using our logo. Please do not change the color of the logo or stretch or squash the image.

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