SoCal Montane Forests Project

Southern California Montane Forests

Southern California’s montane forests are “sky islands” of mountain habitat that feature conifers and several oak species. These forests are facing intensifying stressors and disturbances that are exacerbated by climate change. The goal of this project is to advance our collective understanding of the vulnerabilities and challenges facing these forests and identify the opportunities and strategies for increasing forest resilience.  

The main project webpage can be found on the Climate Science Alliance* website here.

Meet the Team       Background

Project Overview Video

This multi-jurisdictional project is a collaborative partnership among the Climate Science Alliance, U.S. Forest Service, Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management at San Diego State University, and the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center. Through collaborative planning sessions, guided by stakeholder input, we will develop a scientific assessment and create a conservation strategy for southern California’s montane forests.

Project Objectives

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We will promote partner engagement and collaboration, striving to develop a common understanding among resource and fire managers, policy makers, the science community, Tribal partners, and other stakeholders regarding the threats to southern California’s montane forests and the ecosystem services they provide as well as strategies to minimize those threats.




BUILD A Climate-informaed strategy

I. Develop a Forest Conservation Strategy
  • This climate-informed strategy will serve as a road map for sustainability of montane forests in southern California;
II. Identify Implementation Actions
  • The strategy will inform planning and management efforts to enhance forest health and resilience;
III. Promote Collaboration
  • To accomplish the implementation actions identified in the strategy, we will promote ongoing collaborative action and foster the development of partnerships to improve forest resilience.

Project Partners and Sponsors

*Climate Science Alliance, and especially Diane Terry, created the original graphic identity of the project, including all branding, logos, and marketing-layout.

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