USGS Honors Indigenous Peoples Day

Oct. 10, 2018
Photograph of the Grand Canyon at sunset with purple clouds overhead and the sun shining through.

In recognition of the recent Indigenous Peoples’ Day on October 8, the USGS is exploring the different ways in which the Climate Adaptation Science Center network is supporting and partnering with Tribal nations and Indigenous communities to address science needs, build capacity, and inform climate adaptation planning. The CASCs do this via research projects, training workshops, stakeholder meetings, and other activities.

The CASCs have also worked with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to hire Tribal Resilience Liaisons who provide another avenue for communication, engagement, and research between Indigenous peoples and the CASCs. These Liaisons are dedicated to increasing CASC engagement with Tribal nations, Tribal consortia, and Tribal organizations so that the CASCs can further understand and meet their information needs. Meet the Tribal Liaisons and learn about some of their recent activities at the links below.

Extra Links

Meet the Tribal Resilience Liaisons
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