Passionate, Empathetic, & Analytical: Corrina Gil

Nov. 1, 2023
Corrina Gil Profile

People of the SW CASC is a series of profiles that highlight the important work and unique life experiences of staff members of the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center.  


Corrina Gil is the Consortium Coordinator for the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center. She was hired in October 2022 to work closely with SW CASC Host Institution Director and Assistant Director on program coordination and logistics. She assists with a workflow that helps the SW CASC to run more smoothly and efficiently. Corrina’s job is a new part-time position at the SW CASC, but has become an essential component of the SW CASC’s coordination of its consortium of seven institutions. 

After growing up on Galveston Island, Texas and in Missoula, Montana, Corrina earned her Bachelor's degree in Political Science - Public Administration with a double minor in Journalism and Sociology from the University of Texas at Arlington. She later completed her Master’s degree in Urban Management and Public Policy with an emphasis on Public Finance & Budget. Prior to beginning her position with the SW CASC, Corrina’s career was focused on decision analysis for public strategic planning and budgets. She has previously worked in positions with municipal and regional governments, including municipal utilities, such as Denton Municipal Electric in Texas, the City of Tucson, the Town of Marana, the Pima County Regional Transportation Authority and the University of Arizona. 

Corrina feels privileged to be part of the SW CASC team and is enjoying her new role. “I love supporting the collaboration of so many scientists,” she said. “This position lets me, as a lay person, see how actionable science is performed and disseminated in real time.” Corrina is excited to be working to advance research in the field of climate change. “For years I have wanted a position where I could use my skills to support climate-related issues,” she said. “It may be the last chapter in a long career, but as is the case with many stories, the last chapter is the best.”

As Corrina’s three children grew up, climate change was something they could learn about together and she feels the pride they have for her in taking this new role with the SW CASC. Outside of work, Corrina enjoys working in her organic garden and traveling. She is also a blues music enthusiast with some of her favorite local Tucson artists being Giant Blue and Connie Brannock’s Little House of Funk. 

Corrina describes herself as passionate, empathetic, and analytical; all qualities that have served her well in her career and personal life. The SW CASC is fortunate to have Corrina in the Consortium Coordinator role and is thankful for the invaluable support she provides.