Cross-CASC Session at ESA to Highlight Co-Production

July 24, 2023
ESA Cross CASC event flyer

Climate adaptation researchers and practitioners from the Southwest, Midwest, and Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs) will host a special session on the co-production of actionable science at the upcoming Ecological Society of America 2023 annual meeting on August 10 from 10:00am - 11:30am in Portland, Oregon. 

The session, titled “SS-32 Practicing and Rewarding Co-production of Knowledge Within Universities” will include an interactive panel that brings together researchers who practice knowledge co-production to address climate, conservation, and sustainability related topics at all career levels, including graduate students, postdocs, faculty members, and research scientists. Panelists will discuss ways in which they have incorporated actionable science into their research and ways in which universities and governmental agencies can reward those who are striving to conduct community based participatory research. 

The 90 minute session will include a brief presentation from each panelist, followed by a panel and audience discussion on topics related to how universities and governmental agencies can support and incentivize researchers to advance in this field. Participation in this session by graduate students and early career professionals is highly relevant and encouraged. 

Panelists for this session include:

  • Alison Meadow (Associate Research Professor, University of Arizona, Southwest CASC) 
  • Jessica Hellmann (Midwest CASC University Director, University of Minnesota) 
  • Meade Krosby (Northwest CASC University Director, University of Washington)
  • Michael Kotutwa Johnson (Assistant Professor, University of Arizona)
  • Anne Heggli (PhD at University of Nevada, Reno, former SW CASC NRWD Fellow)
  • Justin Brown (PhD at UC Davis, SW CASC NRWD Fellow). 

The session was organized by Jia Hu (Southwest CASC University Director, University of Arizona), Nancy Huntly (Utah State University), Richard Ambrose, (UCLA), and Beth Rose Middleton (UC Davis).