Come Rain or Shine Podcast Takes a Closer Look at California Wildfires

Aug. 3, 2023
California Wildfire

Photo credit: Chris LeBoutillier, public domain

The August episode of the Come Rain or Shine podcast is out now! Tune in to, “A Closer Look at California Wildfires,” which features three co-authors of a recent synthesis on drivers of wildfire in California. The authors, Glen MacDonald, Tamara Wall, and Carolyn Enquist, share their main findings and speculate on possibilities for future solutions to living alongside increasing fire hazard. 

In this episode, learn what’s behind the increasing size and severity of California’s wildfires. If the trajectory continues, find out what that means for people living in the Golden State and how this trend already impacts residents. Learn more about the synthesis in an article from Scientific American

Come Rain or Shine is a collaborative product of the USDA Southwest Climate Hub and the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center. The podcast highlights stories to share the most recent advances in climate science, weather and climate adaptation, and innovative practices to support resilient landscapes and communities. New episodes are released on the first Wednesday of each month.